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One of the challenges of study abroad is integrating yourself within your new host country. This is not such an easy task, especially in a four - month academic semester. However, The Swedish Program creates a number of effective pathways which give you the chance to meet and get to know Swedes:

A small program in an internationally acclaimed university

The Swedish Program is a small program within an international university allowing us to bring you the best of both worlds. For example, our students take small classes in English and get to know their professors, other students, and our staff very well. At the same time, you have the benefit of being part of a university setting with access to facilities, events, student clubs, and social activities.

As a small program, our students also have unusual cultural opportunities outside the classroom. Our study visits take students to government agencies, museums, unique city tours, research institutes, the Opera, and — if they win a student lottery — even to the Nobel Prize Banquet!


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