Island of Gotland

An Unforgettable Experience!

Fall Semester

Our optional fall Program excursion will be to the island of Gotland. In visiting this unique island, students will be able to experience one of the most beautiful and historically significant islands in the world.

Gotland is an island characterized by desolate heaths, lush meadows, spectacular cliffs, and sandy beaches. The walled medieval city of Visby is one of the best preserved “old towns” in the world. UNESCO has recognized Gotland as a historical and cultural treasure by adding it to its World Heritage List.

One theme of our trip will be to explore Sweden’s viking heritage. We will visit a Viking museum, participate in traditional Viking games, and enjoy a typical Viking dinner. Other activities may include a tour of Visby, walking on “rauker” stones, or trying your hand at handicrafts.

The cost for this trip is $495 and includes transportation, accommodation, meals and activities. You will receive additional information on this trip upon acceptance. We hope you plan on joining us to the island of Gotland!

Students, who are on financial aid, but are unable to have their aid applied to this trip can apply for a scholarship to the Program for this cost.  Such students must inform the Program by May 1 that they would like to apply for this scholarship and have their financial aid office inform us that your existing aid does not cover the cost of this excursion by the same date.