SSE Direct Enrollment Courses

Swedish Program students are able to take one direct enrollment course per semester.

Our seven SSE Direct Enrollment courses are:

Fall Semester

– International Economics
– Empirical Economics
– Finance: Investment Management

Spring Semester

– Decision Theory
– Institutions and Economic Development
– Working Together: Gender and Organization
– Entrepreneurship: Personal Development

Please review the prerequisites and enrollment limits noted in each course description. As limited enrollment courses, students who may be interested in taking one of these classes are encouraged to apply early. Students should also be aware that the SSE class schedule is published after you will register for your four courses. You will be notified prior to departure if one of your chosen SSE courses has a time conflict with your three other Program courses.

Beyond providing you with a rewarding academic experience, these courses will help you with a valuable cultural lesson. Studying directly in a Swedish university as an international student means you will experience cultural differences:
— in pedagogical philosophy, more emphasis on group/collaborative work;
— in course structure, fewer exams or in some cases, just a final exam;
— in terms of length of the course, SSE courses are typically 8 weeks with the exam in the 9th week. The total class hours are equivalent to our semester long Program courses.
— in general expectations of what is required from each student.

You should also understand that your grade in all direct enrollment courses will be in accordance with the following grading scale:

A = 100-85 Excellent
B = 84-70 Very good
C = 69-55 Good
D = 54-52 Satisfactory
E = 50-51 Sufficient
F = Fail

Please note that around 40% of Swedish and international students typically receive a C in all SSE courses. This is not the result of a required distribution, but rather, is a “target” distribution. Even though our sample size is comparatively small, 80% of Swedish Program students who have enrolled in a SSE course have received either a B or an A.

All SSE students who fail a course are allowed to take the final exam again. You will also be entitled to such a re-examination. SSE will announce a specific date for any re-examination. This date cannot be changed and the exam must be taken at SSE. You will likely already have returned home when the exam is scheduled. All expenses associated with returning to Stockholm for a re-examination are the student’s responsibility.

Your classroom experience will likely be different from what is familiar. And that is precisely why taking a SSE direct enrollment course will be so rewarding, both academically and culturally, because the experience will be different from what you may be used to in the United States or in any other country.

The value of these differences parallel the important value of your overall study abroad experience. Don’t expect things to be the same. Embrace and respect the cultural differences!