Category: Current Students

Studying in Sweden

Skyler Brown (in the middle) is studying Environmental Studies/Environmental Economics at Middlebury College (’23). She is spending the Spring 2022 semester in Stockholm with The Swedish Program. On the days…
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The Swedish Program

Making a Life in Stockholm

Ava Erickson is studying Sociology at Colgate University. She is currently participating in the Fall 2021 semester in Stockholm with The Swedish Program. Life in Stockholm has exceeded all of…
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My Experience in London

By Jacob Han, Hamilton College '21 / As I was looking at various activities on the SASSE website, I thought the LIBW would be an optimal opportunity to pursue my interest and meet other SSE students outside of my program.
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Q&A: Living with a Host Family

By Matt Kaye, Carleton College '19 / I’m eternally grateful for all of the great opportunities that I’ve had because of having chosen to live with a host family.
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