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A Family Reunion

By Kelly McCarthy, Oberlin College '19 / So here I am, on month eight of my time in Sweden. I got my wish and then some; over the last eight months, I have explored more of Sweden than I have even of my home country.
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To London with SASSE

By Ben Morton, Williams College '19 / Early this semester, I was lucky enough to be accepted by the Student Association at SSE to participate in a special trip, London Investment Banking Week. I and 29 other students at SSE traveled to London and spent a few hours each day visiting different investment banks and asset managing firms across the city.
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Magical Gotland

By Charlotte Jones, Colby College '19 / Before coming to Sweden, I had never dreamed of seeing a Viking shield, let alone an entire Viking city. The bus ride from the airport to the walled city of Visby was barely twenty minutes, but those twenty minutes took us from the modern familiarities of the twentieth century back to the remnants of the medieval era.
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