The Student Association at The Stockholm School of Economics

The Student Association at The Stockholm School of Economics (SASSE) is one of the most active student organizations in Europe.

Our students are able to participate in their many clubs and activities, including sports, cultural/social activities, corporate recruiting presentations, and pub nights!

SASSE ( presents a great opportunity for Swedish Program students to connect and make friends with Swedish and other international students — an important part of your overall study abroad experience with The Swedish Program!

Students can also turn to the bustling city of Stockholm for many social activities, as SSE is located right in the middle of the city. Within easy walking distance to SSE’s urban campus, you will find great ethnic restaurants, pubs, theaters, café’s, galleries, outdoor food markets, and the Stockholm Concert Hall, home of the Nobel Prize Ceremony.

Stockholm has more museums, restaurants and parks – per capita – than any city in the world. There is simply a lot to do! From films and theater in English, sporting events (world class soccer and hockey) to a great music scene, fun pubs, and dance clubs, student life is never boring. Great skiing is only about four hours away by train. There is always something special going on in Stockholm as well — film festivals, dance exhibitions, food fairs, running races — there is something for everyone!

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