Students have the option of living in fully furnished apartments, located throughout the city of Stockholm, or with carefully selected host families.

Our apartments may be located no longer than one hour (under normal weather conditions) by public transportation to SSE. However, most of our students living in apartments have a commute between 25 and 40 minutes.

Our host families may live no longer than 70 minutes (under normal weather conditions) by public transportation to SSE. However, most of our students living with host families have a commute between 40 and 50 minutes. We limit host family placements to 8 students per semester. Consequently, students who prefer a host family should apply early, as we have a rolling admissions process. Moreover, students who elect to live with a host family are required to have a brief interview, via Skype, with our Program Coordinator in Stockholm before a family placement is guaranteed.

Host Families

Our criterion for selecting host families is simple but demanding: the family must be motivated solely by their interest in a rewarding inter-cultural experience. Our students are treated as family members, not as boarders. All students who elect to live with Swedish families have their own bedroom.

“The Swedish Program has created a warm and welcoming atmosphere with friendly administrators, professors, and fantastic contact and host families.”

Jamie Song - Harvard College

“I had a phenomenal and memorable experience in Stockholm. I will forever cherish my study abroad experience. The city suited my interest perfectly and I connected so well with my host family.”

Rachael Whitfield - Grinnell College

“I loved it. My host family was one of the best parts. I really liked the program staff, the structure, and the city itself. It was a fantastic experience. I feel that the Swedish Program really helped me to grow and increase my cultural awareness. I learned more about myself than I have in the past 21 years.”

Kristen Banholzer - Franklin & Marshall

“My experience was very positive. I loved the apartment and my contact family. I fell in love with the city of Stockholm and getting to explore the city and find a café that I could come back to and become a regular at was a highlight.”

Allison Ruchman - Wesleyan University

Apartments and Contact Families

Students may opt to live in apartments. We typically place our students in one bedroom apartments with one American roommate or two bedroom apartments with two roommates. Please note that the arrangement in our apartments may change from year to year. Please continue to check our web site on student housing for updates regarding the roommate situation for the semester you are considering.

Living in our apartments is an opportunity for a total cultural immersion experience. In Stockholm, there is very limited “student housing.” Most Swedish students live like you will be living — in private apartments spread around the city. Your everyday experience, from doing laundry in the apartment building to shopping in the neighborhood for groceries, your everyday life will allow you to interact with Swedes and others, in your building and in your neighborhood.

Students living in our apartments have the option of being assigned “contact families” with whom they may meet throughout the semester or academic year. We will place one to two students with each contact family. Upon acceptance to The Swedish Program, we will provide more detailed housing information to help you decide which option is best for you.