About Stockholm

Discover for yourself why Stockholm is referred to as the hidden gem of Europe.

Sweden’s capital city is beautiful and unique. Located on 14 islands, it is home to some of the best museums, cultural institutions, restaurants, and night spots in the world.

“[W]ith trendsetting shops, cultural gems and night life aplenty, Stockholm seems to ask: Why would you want to be anywhere else?”

The Silicon Valley of Europe

Sweden is globally renowned as a hub of innovation. In 2019, it was named the second-most innovative country in the world by the Global Innovation Index. You may have heard of some of these Swedish inventions:

Coca Cola Bottle
Candy Crush
Flat Screen
Adjustable Wrench
Telephone Handset

“Strong and confident, equally trendy and historic, and achingly beautiful.”

Seasons of Stockholm

The seasons of Stockholm resemble the seasons of New England. The region’s coastal climate means winter temperatures are not as cold as most imagine.

Magnus Rietz/Folio/imagebank.sweden.se

Fall Semester

The long days of Swedish summer linger into the early fall months. Leaves turn, blanketing the city in color, before giving way to the cozy holiday season in December. Visiting the seasonal markets, viewing the lights of the city, and sampling traditional holiday treats leave our Fall students with lasting memories.

Spring Semester

Spring is simply beautiful.  The days grow longer and flowers explode into bloom in the city’s countless parks. It’s the perfect time for our Spring students to get out and explore the many spring festivals, out door cafes, markets, and concerts. 

Cecilia Larsson Lantz/Imagebank.sweden.se

“[D]espite the well-preserved historic core, Stockholm is no museum piece: it’s modern, dynamic and ever-evolving.”