Stockholm’s Unexpected Film Scene

Swedish cinema has more to offer than you might expect. Photo: Sofia Sabel/

Stockholm’s Unexpected Film Scene

By Carrington Walsh

School: Harvard University, Class of ’20
Major or concentration: Economics
Semester abroad: Spring ’18

Reflecting on my semester abroad through the Swedish Program, I’ve had so many fantastic experiences that I loved and will surely never forget.

I’ve always been interested in film, but didn’t expect Stockholm to be a locale for film. To my surprise, Stockholm hosts a wide variety of film festivals. I find that the US lacks access to foreign films, especially in theaters. What I love is being able to see American, French, and Swedish films (and more!) with ease.

I’ve attended festivals such as CinemAfrica and Tempo Documentary Festival, to name a few, and saw everything from Senegalese films to Lebanese films. Stockholm exposed me to a new variety of films, outside of standard American movies. While there are a million reasons why my semester abroad was a transformative experience, Stockholm’s numerous film festivals surely played a role.