University of Pennsylvania

Meet us on Campus:

November 27th at 2:00pm

Penn Abroad’s Office, 3201 Chestnut St., Suite 1W

Progressive City.

Prestigious University.

Perfect Opportunity.

The Swedish Program is built for students who want both a rewarding intellectual and cultural experience.  As a small program in an international university, we offer students classes in an integrated academic setting with many opportunities to join social, athletic, and cultural activities.

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Top Five Benefits

"I had an unbelievable experience with the Swedish Program. I loved living in Stockholm. It is such a comfortable place to live in. It is an experience I won't soon forget.”

James Hunter - Hamilton College

"The Swedish Program is an opportunity for students to participate in one of Europe's most prestigious academic institutions while experiencing the rich culture and life in the beautiful city of Stockholm."

Gretchen Gerlach - Brown University

Download our brochure to learn more