Academics in Focus

Our program is distinguished by high academic standards, a comparative European perspective, and innovative, evidence-based pedagogical styles. We believe that challenging, interesting courses are essential to your study abroad experience.


Choose from a wide variety of liberal arts courses. Integrate further with a direct enrollment course at the Stockholm School of Economics or Stockholm University.

Stockholm School of Economics

Our affiliation with the Stockholm School of Economics gives you a unique opportunity for academic and cultural integration at an acclaimed European institution.

Academic Standards

The Swedish Program’s high academic standards are in accordance with the traditions established by all participating American colleges and universities. We believe that a commitment to learning in the classroom leads to a more rewarding intercultural experience. The more our students learn about Sweden – its language, history, politics, and culture – the more likely they are to assimilate culturally.

Credits and Transcripts

The Swedish Program issues an official Statement of Grades specifying the grade received for each course and four semester hours of credit for the completion of each course. Most schools accept our Statement of Grades, but some require an official transcript. Upon request, our School of Record – Colby College – will issue an official transcript specifying the grade received for each course and four semester hours of credit for the completion of each course.


Study Visits

Our faculty complement classroom instruction with study visits to local political organizations, research institutes, museums, corporations, and other sites related to the course topic. These visits promote active learning through direct observation and discussion with Swedish professionals. Study visits vary from semester to semester. Past study visits have included the Swedish Parliament, local companies, Stockholm Public Schools, and Stockholm’s many art museums.


Courses are taught in English and do not require any Swedish language skills. We do not require students to take a Swedish language course while living in Stockholm, but we strongly recommend it. Studying Swedish will help students to better understand their everyday cultural experiences. Our introductory Swedish language course focuses on practical conversational skills necessary to understand everyday life, from food to shopping to popular culture. Advanced instruction is available for students with prior knowledge of Swedish.