Program Expenses

Studying abroad is a significant part of your undergraduate experience. And just like college, it’s an important investment – both personally and financially.

Tuition, Room and Board

Fall 2024–Spring 2025

Due to the current instability in currency exchange rates, all costs should be considered tentative. The Program reserves the right to raise the total cost for the 2024-2025 year before January 1, 2024. Please refer to this page for the most up-to-date figures.


Tuition: $25,145
Room: $8,165
Board: $1,890

Total: $35,200

Full Year

Tuition: $48,890
Room: $16,330
Board: $3,780

Total: $69,000

What’s Included?

Arrival in Stockholm

  • Pick up at the airport by Program staff
  • Welcome Kit with resources and information to help you get settled in Stockholm
  • Weeklong orientation period with fun activities and helpful information
  • Overnight trip to an island in Stockholm’s archipelago (a student favorite!)


  • The choice of a fully furnished studio apartment (including kitchen supplies, bed linens, towels, and a hair dryer) and a monthly food subsidy of 5100 SEK, OR
  • A private, furnished room in a carefully-selected host family home, food for all meals except weekday lunches, and a monthly food subsidy of 2200 SEK
  • Free laundry facilities in your apartment or host family home
  • Insurance for your belongings
Stockholm - Winter skating

Student Life

  • Membership in the Student Association at SSE for access to social, academic, athletic, and professional clubs and events
  • Group activities such as guided tours, sports events, the Royal Swedish Opera, guest speakers, and more
  • Full-time Program Coordinator committed to enhancing student life

Student Life

  • The option to be matched with a Swedish contact family
  • The option to apply for internships
  • Student ID card for access to student discounts and events


  • High-quality liberal arts courses and the option to take a direct enrollment course
  • All course books and literature, plus free printing for course-related materials
  • Study visits related to your courses
  • Access to student spaces at SSE
  • An official Statement of Grades issued to your home school after the term is complete
  • Academic counseling and support

Health and Wellness

  • Gym membership
  • Health insurance tailored to students abroad
  • Access to our partner physicians, psychologists, psychiatrist, and counselor
  • Support and advice on campus from our Stockholm staff
  • 24/7 emergency support
Picnic in Walmersudde. We love spring in Stockholm!

Additional Expenses

Additional expenses apply for your resident permit application, public transportation passes, apartment security deposit (if applicable), and official transcript (if applicable; check with your school if they accept our Statement of Grades). Students are also responsible for arranging their own flight to and from Stockholm.

If you wish to take an independent study or participate in optional group travel arranged by the Program, you will be charged additional fees. If you receive financial aid but your aid does not cover these fees, you are eligible to have the fees waived. You must submit written verification from your school to confirm that your aid does not cover the fees.

You will receive more detailed information and instructions upon admission.