Stockholm School of Economics

Our affiliation is your competitive advantage.

The Stockholm School of Economics is internationally recognized as one of Europe’s leading business schools. This small and selective institution enrolls approximately 2,000 students across a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs.

Academic Integration

Swedish Program students have the unique opportunity to directly enroll in a course at SSE, and SSE students can enroll in select Swedish Program courses. This crossover gives students a chance to share the classroom with Swedish and international students.

Student Life

The Student Association at SSE (SASSE) is one of the most active student associations in Europe, and Swedish Program students have full access to SSE student events, athletics, clubs, and more. SASSE also organizes three “Buddy Events” every semester to help Swedish Program students integrate with SSE students.

Central Location

SSE’s urban campus in central Stockholm is convenient and popular with students. You’ll be close to cafes, parks, restaurants, nightlife, shopping, concert venues, museums, and all forms of public transportation.

Internationally ranked and recognized

#2 Most tech founder unicorns among European universities (Antler Report)

#23 of 90 European business schools (Financial Times Rankings)

Liberal arts at a business school?

Our affiliation with SSE is beneficial for students majoring in any social science or humanities discipline – not just economics majors. SSE is distinguished by its deep commitment to culture, the arts, and social responsibility, making the school a great match for our liberal arts curriculum. This commitment is illustrated by SSE’s Art, Sport, and Tech initiatives.

Art Initiative

The Art Initiative embeds art into everyday life at SSE. The initiative includes regular art talks and exhibitions with contemporary artists, a school-wide book club, and a permanent collection that includes artist-designed classrooms and campus spaces.

Sport Initiative

The Sport Initiative recognizes the importance of movement and sports for learning, building community, and developing interpersonal skills. The initiative organizes activities, field trips, speakers, and forums in collaboration with SSE’s Center for Sports and Business.

Tech Initiative

The Tech Initiative aims to empower students to become reflective, empathetic, and entrepreneurial technology users through talks, seminars, and workshops in collaboration with SSE’s House of Innovation.

Make your semester abroad count.

The economic reality for today’s college students is that finding the right job is difficult. Your educational choices are crucial to your success in finding fulfilling and financially rewarding employment after graduation. This is one of the reasons you tried so hard to get into the best college or university. By choosing a study abroad program with international prestige, you can also boost your chances of success after graduation.

The Swedish Program’s affiliation with the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE), one of Europe’s most highly recognized universities, will make you stand out when you become a candidate for graduate studies or when you begin your job search. One alum recently reported back to us that one of the first questions during their first-ever job interview was, “What was it like to study at SSE?” The most well-known multi-national corporations, investment and consulting firms, and non-profit organizations come to SSE every semester to recruit students.

We invite you to challenge yourself and choose The Swedish Program. Our commitment to high academic standards and academic and cultural integration at the Stockholm School of Economics will give you an invaluable competitive advantage as you move forward in your education and career.