Build your skills and network abroad.

Local internships give students the opportunity to learn new skills and experience Swedish professional culture firsthand. We offer several excellent internship opportunities every semester and occasionally offer additional internships when available.

Internship requests are submitted during registration and should include your resume and a brief statement of interest for the desired internship. Your application materials are forwarded directly to the internship provider for their review, and some require an in-person interview upon arrival in Stockholm. Placements are limited and selected based on merit, academic background, and work experience. Internships are unpaid and not for credit. Students are informed of internship placements in late June (fall term) or late November (spring term).

Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN)

3–6 hours per week

This internship gives students the opportunity to assist with research at the prestigious Research Institute of Industrial Economics. Students applying for this internship are required to enroll in The Economics of European Integration course. This placement is limited to two students per semester.

Teaching Assistant at Stockholm Public Schools

4–8 hours per week

This internship places students at Norra Real Gymnasium, a beautiful high school a few blocks from SSE. Students learn about the public education system firsthand by assisting instructors and interacting with local high school students. This placement is limited to six students per semester.

Digital Editor at The Swedish Program

2-4 hours per week

As a Digital Editor at The Swedish Program, students create written, photo, and video content for our blog and social media profiles. This position is best suited to a creative student with an interest in marketing and design/visual arts. This placement is limited to two students per semester.

The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA)

8–12 hours per week

Join the International Affairs team at the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, which aims to advance Sweden’s internationalization and competitiveness within science, technology, and innovation. This placement is limited to one student per semester.

SS&C Advent

(10-15 hours per week)

In this internship, you’ll assist the Advent University team to review, edit and create content for the training courses and material while learning about Advent’s financial technology products and how they are used to comply with market demands. This placement is limited to one student per semester.