Student Life

Make yourself at home in Stockholm.

From housing to internships to activities, we provide opportunities to connect with locals and experience Swedish culture.

Pursue your interests abroad

The Student Association

Make friends, stay active, and have fun with the Student Association at Stockholm School of Economics.


Opportunities to experience Swedish work culture, expand your network, and build your resume.


Cultural excursions in Sweden and two full weeks to travel on your own.

Everyday life in Stockholm


Choose between two housing options that help you integrate into Swedish life – a fully furnished private apartment or carefully-chosen host family.

About Stockholm

An approachable yet cosmopolitan city known for its beauty, innovation, and high quality of life.

"The Swedish Program at the Stockholm School of Economics provides a unique opportunity for furthering your education in the center of one of Europe's most beautiful cities. The Program's location in Stockholm plus its connections within the city and Sweden allows students to explore their passions and interests during their time abroad."

Adam Loew - Carleton College

"The Swedish Program gave me the tools I needed to fully immerse myself in the Swedish culture through a homestay, an internship, courses at the Stockholm School of Economics, and various cultural activities that I otherwise would have never had access to. I regularly speak with the Swedish and American friends I made and know that I formed relationships through the program that will last me a lifetime. Having done two different study abroad programs, I can say with confidence that the Swedish Program is unique and will give you the support you need to have an incredible semester in Stockholm."

Rachel Dawson - Hamilton College