Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Our Values

The Swedish Program is committed to diversity and equity in everything we do. Diversity enriches all members of our Program community—students, staff and faculty—by imparting perspectives that are not their own. Discovering different ways of thinking and living fosters an appreciation and respect for individual differences in terms of race, nationality, gender identity, and sexual preference. We actively promote a culture in which all recognize a responsibility to speak out and act against any form of individual predjudice or systemic discrimination.

All Are Welcome in Sweden

Swedish law prohibits discrimination on the basis of…
Ethnicity or origin
Gender identity or expression
Religion or other beliefs
Sexual orientation

Stockholm School of Economics

“At SSE, being “international” is not a set of statistics about students or faculty; it is an attribute that pervades the School’s culture. Our international students enrich cultural experiences in our classes, enlarge and globalize our professional network, and last but not least serve as ambassadors for SSE, Stockholm and Sweden in their home countries.”

Diversity and anti-discrimination policies and resources at SSE are presented during orientation by the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Manager at the Stockholm School of Economics.

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SSE Cohort

International students at SSE make up 27% of the total student population, a 20% increase in the last three years.


Swedish Program Cohort

Typically, about 20% of Swedish Program students come from countries other than the US, including Peru, Nigeria, Ukraine, China, Colombia, Vietnam, Egypt, and many others. In recent years, Swedish Program faculty have hailed from Ethiopia, Russia, The Netherlands, Mexico, and Poland.



Approximately 32% of Stockholm residents are first-generation or second-generation immigrants (meaning either they or both of their parents were born outside of Sweden).