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Engaging Academics

The Swedish Program is committed to challenging its students intellectually and culturally. The challenge of intercultural education is to learn about the institutions and people of a different culture as you gain a better understanding of yourself and your own country.

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SSE Direct Enrollment Courses

Our students have the unique opportunity to enroll directly in a select number of courses offered by the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE). Your enrollment in these courses will allow you to discover cultural differences in the classroom, as well as meet SSE students.


Internship Opportunities

The Program offers four internships allowing you to experience Swedish culture and working life from within impressive organizations. Internships are not for credit. Interested students should apply early as placements are limited. To apply, simply send a letter of interest, along with your resume, when you apply for admission.


Fun, Safe, Sophisticated – and Different!

Because everyone else seems to be going to England or Australia! It’s fun to go somewhere different, and Stockholm is the hidden gem of Europe – fun, safe, beautiful, and sophisticated.

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Student Life

Student life at SSE is never boring! Our students have full access to all student activities in such areas as: film, photography, sports, design,music, and journalism. SSE’s location in the middle of the city also provides easy access to all kinds of restaurants, pubs, museums, and outdoor markets.

Integrated Housing

Students have the option of living in our fully furnished private apartments, located throughout the city, or with carefully-chosen host families who treat or students as part of the family.


 Great Staff & Faculty

The staff and faculty are great, both professional and friendly. You really get the chance to know them.


Organizational Pathways

The Program provides many different ways for our students to integrate themselves culturally in order to meet Swedish students, both at SSE and outside the classroom.


Group and Independent Travel

Each fall we travel to the island of Gotland off the southeastern coast of Sweden to explore Viking history, and each spring we travel north of the Arctic Circle for dog sledding, snow shoeing, and more. Plus students have two full weeks to travel on their own!

iStock_000000077336How To Get Started

The application process is easy and quick: simply fill in the form, have your references send us their recommendations, and request that an official transcript be mailed to us by your school’s Registrar.

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“My experience in Stockholm was incredible. I never imagined getting as comfortable, feeling as safe, and acclimating as quickly to the culture while living in any city as I did in Stockholm.”

Grace Waweru - University of Pennsylvania

“Stockholm was the perfect place to study abroad. Unusual of a choice as it may seem to some, it is a fun and beautiful city and culture to explore and learn about. The city, language, culture, Program, and the friends I made will forever remain special and important to me.”

Sarah Hiller - Scripps College


The Swedish Program at the Stockholm School of Economics is committed to challenging its students intellectually and culturally.


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