Author: Caitlin Hawley

The Ride of a Lifetime

By Daniel Goldstein, Tufts University '19 / There was no ambiguity about the buildup, the views offered when at the top, or even the speed with which you would eventually fall back to the ground. But even this foresight didn’t prevent the stomach-churning anxiety at the start, the budding adrenaline as you left the safety of the ground, the moment of awe at the peak of ascension, and harness-clinging as you fell.
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How Women Have it All in Sweden

By Megan Mahoney, Middlebury College '19 / After reflecting on my semester and how I have grown, it is easy for me to pinpoint the impact Swedish culture has had on my life. Sweden has completely empowered me to know that as I woman, I can have it all. There should be no limits to the respect, opportunities, and aspirations I have for myself.
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A Family Reunion

By Kelly McCarthy, Oberlin College '19 / So here I am, on month eight of my time in Sweden. I got my wish and then some; over the last eight months, I have explored more of Sweden than I have even of my home country.
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