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What Do Professors Do in the Summer?

By Jonas Brodin, PhD / It’s a well-worn cliché that college professors look forward to summer break just as much as students do, because now they finally have time to work. Is this true?
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Studying in Sweden – Round Two

By Sarah Wiggins, Tufts University '17, Stockholm School of Economics '19 / It hadn’t been more than a week into the Swedish Program before I knew I had to come back to Stockholm. There was something about the rhythm of daily life here that spoke to me, and I had to investigate that further.
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The Swedish Approach to Science

By Matt Motta, PhD / Although I was only there for one semester, my time in Sweden with The Swedish Program has played an important role in my development as a scholar. My time abroad not only helped inform my academic research interests, but provided me with the skills necessary for collaborating with researchers around the globe.
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