Making a Life in Stockholm

The Swedish Program

Making a Life in Stockholm

By Ava Erickson

School: Colgate University, Class of ’23
Major or concentration: Sociology
Semester abroad: Fall ’21

Life in Stockholm has exceeded all of my expectations. I’ve been here nearly two months, and yet still find new adventures every day. From trying out a new cafe to fika in, or hopping on a boat to cruise around the archipelago– exploring the city never gets tiring. Even though the days are constantly getting shorter, I’m lucky to witness the sunsets that fall past Stockholm’s cityscape, leaving behind dusk that allows twinkling lights to dance around the city. Most days truly feel like magic.

Even so, my days are seemingly very normal. I usually wake up around nine and begin my morning by making breakfast in my apartment with my roommate. I usually have time to tidy my room or do some reading before heading into the city. The commute takes less than twenty minutes, and the transit stop takes me directly outside of Stockholm School of Economics. After class, I usually walk across the street to get coffee with my peers before heading out to walk around or run any errands. Some days I make it to the gym, while others I attend club volleyball practice with SASSE, which is SSE’s student association.

For lunch, I usually go to a restaurant or cafe with my friends, and dinner I’ll have at home. Nights are a mixture of trying out new pubs, doing homework, calling my family back home, or simply getting some well-needed rest in. I’ve developed a routine, but a very flexible one to accommodate different events or the spontaneous invitation to go to a museum or a restaurant with my friends. It’s the perfect balance of feeling stability in my life and the excitement of never truly knowing what a day will bring.

I feel at home in Stockholm, not only because of my obvious love for the city but also because of the close community I’ve built within the Swedish program. I’ve made friends that I know will last a lifetime, whom I’ve gotten to travel with to the islands of Gotland and Sandham, and whom I get to see every day. The Swedish program gives me a sense of community I might not otherwise have while living here, and I’m so grateful to take part in such a wonderful experience. Making a life in Stockholm is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.