Category: Swedish Culture

Cafés: A Cultural Immersion Experience

By Carrington Walsh, Harvard University '20 / I chose to study abroad, as most do, because I want to experience living in a new country, not simply touring around and seeing the main attractions. In my time here thus far, I’ve succeeded in exploring the city and blending in with the locals by becoming a café lover.
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An Intern Abroad

By Rachel Dawson, Hamilton College / To my great surprise the work culture I have experienced has been like nothing I’ve seen in the United States. I have had the opportunity to participate in a number of meetings with partners and clients, which have involved traveling throughout Stockholm with my boss to visit different businesses.
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A Memorable December

© Nobel Media AB 2015. Photo: Alexander Mahmoud A Memorable December: The Nobel Prize Banquet in Stockholm By Ria Hanson, Williams College From discovering the glorious Swedish custom that is fika…
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